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Elaine Rutherford

I am a Yoga Teacher, Menstruality Mentor and Kirtan Leader. I work as a Yoga and Body Awareness Therapist at an innovative new eating disorders clinic in central London, UK, called Orri.( The two key threads of wisdom I share in my work are ‘Menstruality’, from the teachings of Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer (, and ‘Living Yoga’, a mindful embodied Yoga practice from Steve Harrison at The Yoga Sanctuary, Southampton UK. ( At Orri, I run a full programme of Yoga Therapy groups focussing on Embodied Creativity, Body Image, and Intimacy and Relationships. I have also been leading Kirtan for many years, and have played at various festivals in the UK (Colourfest 2018, Bhakti-Beltane-Gathering 2019). I currently play as part Bhakti Heart Kirtan - offering regular Kirtan events at home and local Yoga studios. I’m excited to be coming to Hong Kong to share all of my passions in one wisdom-share.


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