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Shoshana Weinberg

Shoshana started healing in her teens with her grandmother's arthritis. Finding her first teacher, a wise woman healer, took her through Asia. On this journey, she realised that a one-time childhood hobby – making herb poultices – would shape her future with studies of the renowned herbalist Michael Moore and Dr. Vasant Lad. Practicing while studying was the way to learn deeply about the plants and their abilities.

Living in Asia, Weinberg had the opportunity to learn about herbal medicine among village tribes. Here she forged a path: “I wanted to learn to heal myself, learn to live off the land and learn to help others.”

Equipped with vast knowledge, she moved from helping herself to helping others into a career as a leader in spa development for many hotels and resorts where now she is Spa Director at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong. Her ultimate pleasure in life is to watch her fellow kin radiate healing and contentment.




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