Melanie Roske

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Melanie Roske draws upon her experience as a holistic wellness coach, Clarity breathwork practitioner, reiki master, meditation guide, and sound healer. As a vessel of pure love and a source of energetic nurturing, she supports her clients to manifest their dreams by making a shift in consciousness returning to wholeness, love, and gratitude. 

Melanie's beautiful heritage blend of Chinese and Kiwi roots gives her a very sophisticated view of the world as well as insight into many cultures. She is both sensitive to mystical energies and hyper-focused on the equally powerful ways of the physical realm. As a successful entrepreneur, Melanie founded the thriving Red Cactus Asia, a multi-media production company with offices in Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai. She also co-founded sharing nourishing life-affirming content supporting people to live in passion and purpose. Melanie creates a safe space of love and acceptance where people can experience their truth and tune into their natural intelligence for self-healing and transformation.


“Breath of Being brought light to those aspects of myself that I had hidden so deep within me when I was a child that I didn’t even know where there. After my session I felt as though a huge rock had been removed from my body and I felt lighter, very joyous and in my light. It’s amazing how this breath-work can truly create an impact in one’s life and change your life forever!” - Tatiana Bellavita

“I felt like I had been cleansed from the inside - that every single one of my organs had been gently scrubbed; my heart has never felt so full with love and light. The effects have continued and I look forward to my next session. I highly recommend Breath of Being for anyone who is looking to heal, grow and connect spiritually. Gifts and miracles await in abundance." - Sara Malakul

“What took place for me was a euphoric trance in which my mentality completely changed. I was under a lot of stress and felt like my problems in life were too much to handle. Through the breathwork and wonderful guidance I was able to turn that thought process around and see "silver linings” in all the obstacles I was facing. The euphoric state which I felt, was as if I had the same high as THC but it was done through only focused breathing. It was beautiful and changed me for the better. I came out of it astonished that these practices are not more widespread and would recommend it to anyone, no matter the condition.” - Mike Lewis


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