Shahara Khaleque

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After leaving my career of 13 years in the corporate world and financial IT, - which I enjoyed but it was not where I wanted to spend my future - I unexpectedly found my way into a Permaculture Design Course in May 2014. Permaculture opened my eyes to living responsibly on the earth with a sense of enhancing life rather than compromising it.

Following the life-changing course, I founded GrowingSmart - a Hong Kong based project which is centred around permaculture and education. I grow and sell food on Peng Chau island, run workshops to teach others about permaculture and how to grow their own food, and I also run school programs with the aim of reconnecting younger people to the environment.

I love sharing permaculture with others. I believe it genuinely has the potential to change the world by making important skills accessible to ordinary people. The global permaculture community that I am now part of, and you could be too, inspires me beyond words every single day :)


Permaculture - from powerless to powerful

How can we stop feeling powerless in the face of climate change? Permaculture offers powerful solutions, enabling us to work with mother nature in the years to come. Permaculture is often a mind-blowing discovery. With ethics based on people care, earth care and fair share, huge global problems that felt like they were unsolvable suddenly feel accessible - and as if you could be part of the solution.

Permaculture describes strategies for living responsibly on the earth. Many of us think we have to give things up - but is simply not true. But we do need to find alternatives to our most destructive habits. The good news is that many of these alternatives already exist - they just don’t have a voice in mainstream consciousness. My work, through permaculture, is to give those alternatives a voice and share them with you.

Come and learn how you can create a lifestyle - or even a new livelihood - around organic and sustainable food production, natural building and self-sufficiency - all of this while taking care of our much-abused planet and all of the other species that live alongside us.

Equipped with permaculture ideas and principles - we can move from powerless to powerful - and take real, active steps to help heal our planet in years to come. Join my workshop to find out how :)


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