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We are the wise, sharing medicine modalities of healing, guidance, energy clearing, body work, reiki, quantum touch, access bar to name a few.

The Gardeners


Sonia Samtani

I am the Founder of a wellness centre in Hong Kong called ‘All About You’ specialising in mental health. My personal expertise is on working with the subconscious mind to release unconscious limitations from the past. I am a licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist, qualified Life Coach, certified Corporate Trainer, Systemic Constellation Facilitator, certified Transpersonal Regression therapist, NLP Practitioner, and Public Speaking Coach. I have been a practitioner since 2005 and worked with over 20,000 people till date. I have a passion to raise global consciousness and move people from judgment to acceptance through workshops, trainings, videos, and bespoke individual consultations.

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Corinne Conrad

Corinne and Nicola have completed a certified Women’s Temple Group Facilitator Group Training with the Awakening Women’s Institute. Corinne is the founder of Women’s Temple HK and has been guiding women through feminine embodiment practices for the last 5 years. She’s also a Menstrual Cycle Awareness Educator having introduced many women into the power and beauty of their cycles. And she is a Birth Doula and Soul-based Coach where she guides women through important and challenging life-transitions.


Kat Mayers

Kat’s own alternative healing journey began more than 20 years ago when she faced challenges that western medicine could not address. Since then, she had studied different methods of energy healing and shared her gifts with hundreds of clients and fellow healers. From Kat’s experience working with clients, she has seen how bettering a person’s energy could heal their physical ailments and transform their relationships and careers.


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