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Embodying The Goddess

with Amber Sophia

In this 2-hour temple circle, we travel through the gateway of the Great Mother, creator of all life, awakening the archetypal energies of Pachamama within us through embodiment practices, ritual, song and shamanic healing. By connecting with the Great Mother, we deepen into self-care, self-love, and self-nourishment. We surrender into unconditional support and deep sustenance. We open to the abundant love that connects us as one.



Amber Sophia

Amber is a Certified Feminine Embodiment Coach, Shamanic Heart Healer, and Priestess Initiate of the 13 Moon Mystery School. Drawing on a background rich in voice, movement and embodiment practice, she facilitates 1:1 sessions & temple circles that awaken women to their own feminine essence, intuition, sensuality and innate vitality. It is Amber's absolute joy to guide women into a more embodied and pleasure-filled existence, one where they are confident, magnetic, and able to draw from their bodies' wisdom to create beautiful purpose and relationships in life.

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