The Untethered Soul

with Dr. Katie T. Larson

Embodied Boundaries

Tap into the wisdom of your body to know exactly what your true boundaries are. Learn how to communicate them in your relationships and benefit from the sacred container they offer your energy, creativity, and affection.  

Healthy boundaries protect our vital energy, patience, and self-worth as a woman.

Pleasure Roles

Through a divine somatic experience we will redefine pleasure, liberate any barriers to ours and cultivate a new ‘pleasure stamina’ so we can tap into our pleasure at any time.

Because after all, pleasure is our natural feminine birthright and when we’re in full control of our pleasure, we are powerful.



Dr. Katie T. Larson

Dr. Katie T. Larson is a Growth Coach and founder of GrowthQuests. She takes her clients on holistic "Quests"--inner-journeys--that help them find personal Growth. This Growth begins within, but extends outward to families, workplaces, and communities, ultimately benefiting all.

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Divine Embodiment