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Self Love Essential Oils

with Marissa Marsh

My full-time job is teaching others how to remove toxins from their daily life and practice self-love. We do this by removing synthetic products and replacing them the plant-based solutions. We focus on cleaning up 4 pillars in life: Structure, Environment, Nutrition and Emotions. The body works amazingly when it is given the tools to thrive. Removing these toxins allows the body to function instead of constantly detoxing. This allows the body to pull itself out of its fight or flight mode. I am finding that people have more energy, are able to sleep better, their emotions are more regulated and so much more. I will be Sharing self Love tips and tricks based around how we are talking and treating our own bodies and mind. With every day being so busy and our brains having to make many decisions each day, we are stuck in a fight or flight mode. This fight or flight mode does not allow the body to de-stress. It stops the body from being able to properly detox, sleep, and regulate emotions. Among many other things. The longer the body stays in this stressed fight or flight mode - the longer it takes to get out of it and the more damage it does. Practicing daily Self Love with Young Living essential oils and products allows the limbic portion of the brain to naturally calm itself. Which then allows space for reprogramming without constant stress. These all start with how we talk and treat our own body daily. We must remove synthetic chemicals and get back to whole foods and nutrients. This is everything from toothpaste to laundry detergent. From shampoo to hand soap. From what we eat and drink to the air freshener in our homes. Today's world is filled with toxins. We can't run from them all, but there are things we can do. For this event, I will bring in some of my favorite Young Living Essential Oils. The classes will be able to smell these oils and hear about my experiences with each of them. I will also share a few of my daily practices and how essential oil benefits these practices.



Dr. Katie T. Larson

Dr. Katie T. Larson is a Growth Coach and founder of GrowthQuests. She takes her clients on holistic "Quests"--inner-journeys--that help them find personal Growth. This Growth begins within, but extends outward to families, workplaces, and communities, ultimately benefiting all.

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